Noelene Kelly's coaching is particularly suited for:

  • Leading edge Executives

  • Corporations that want to integrate:

    - principles of sustainability
    - new levels of meaning and relevance


  • Corporations and individuals wanting peak performance

Noelene Kelly's coaching connects with individuals:

  • Who are interested in operating from their CORE strength

  • Who want to evolve to their next level of consciousness

  • Who are ready to create the kind of life they want



Noelene's coaching program typically involves 12 sessions, one a week for three months. This approach is consistent with success model international research statistics.

Noelene establishes flexible coaching plans, uniquely tailored to your work-life balance demands. In some cases a smaller or more intensive program may be more appropriate.

During the sessions, you learn to draw on internal transformative 'intelligence' resources to achieve your goals. The five key intelligence factors you may choose to engage with are:

  • IQ

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Spiritual Intelligence

  • Creative Intelligence

  • Body Intelligence


By the end of the first session you will have defined your focus for the coaching cycle along with your indicators of success.

During the second session, you will map out targeted strategies to achieve your goals and begin working on aspects of the goals.

In subsequent sessions you will engage with various transformative processes on the raw material of your life. This work, while profound, is also refreshing and playful.