What others say about Noelene's Coaching . . .

"I was looking for a coach to help me make sense of some things that were happening around me, and to further strengthen my leadership capability. 

I suspected that what I needed would involve a more spiritual element than I was used to, but I didn't know what this was or where to find it. Noelene and her work were exactly the right solution for me, at the right time.  Because of her wealth of knowledge, learning, experience, wisdom and love, Noelene has this vast "toolkit" of models, approaches, examples and stories that she draws on to provoke and support that next step in the developmental journey.

I know that I am a stronger and softer person, a better leader, and that I'm closer to achieving my potential and my purpose because of Noelene's input."

Senior Health Executive


Are you looking for an Executive Coach who can operate at a sophisticated level?

"Noelene Kelly brings a unique and refreshingly different approach to her Executive Coaching. I chose her to support and inspire me when I moved into an executive HR role in the IT industry, and with the experience of three HR Director roles behind me.

My goal for the coaching was to distill the learning from those roles and extend my capacity into the new role. In particular, I wanted to push my leadership style to new frontiers and to integrate insights from my academic research into my practice.

Working with Noelene has been pivotal for me. Through her coaching I have not only been able to redefine myself as Leader, I have also learnt strategies and skills for enjoying my life more on many levels.


I recommend Noelene to anyone wanting to develop a leadership style that is transformative for the person and for the organization."

Patricia Richards - Human Resources & Organisation Development

"Noelene was highly recommended to me by a Senior HR Executive as a person who brings a special approach to her Executive Coaching. After our initial meeting, I chose Noelene to inspire and support me during a challenging transitional phase in my senior manager role in the higher education industry.

My goal for the coaching was to better understand myself to positively manage the work challenges that I was facing, and to build new and better ways of thinking and operating to ensure a more fulfilled work environment.

Noelene, very skilfully and expertly assisted me to become aware of my unconcious behaviours that were limiting me from achieving my personal and professional goals. The lifelong tools Noelene provided have enabled me to draw on a range of internal strategies to better enjoy all the different aspects of my life. Importantly, it has made me a better leader and manager.

My coaching experience with Noelene was critical to me as I was able to redefine myself and learn new ways of thinking, perceiving and feeling. The intelligence, wisdom, warmth, spiritual compassion and humour that Noelene brings to the coaching experience engenders a strong degree of confidence and trust - two values that are critical to any coaching relationship.

I would highly recommend Noelene to any individual who wants to transform their personal and/or professional self, and to develop a better and improved leadership style for individual and organisational benefit."

Senior Manager - Sydney G08 University